Grand Master Instructor - Mr. Rob Olevsky

robolevsky smlMr. Olevsky began his study of the Martial Arts in September 1974. He achieved his first Blackbelt in 1976. After 16 years of study he was awarded Master Instructor Level in Sanshinkai Karate.

Mr. Olevsky is currently certified:
10th Degree Blackbelt (Grand Master) in Sanshinkai Karate,
6th Degree Blackbelt (Master) in SanshinKai Jujitsu,
4th Degree Blackbelt in Japanese Kendo with the SEUSKF.
4th Degree Blackbelt in Kodokan Style Judo with both USJA, and USA JUDO,as well as a Certified Olympic Coach.

Mr. Olevsky has promoted over 450 Black Belts in his 35 years of teaching. He currently is the GrandMaster Instructor for the Karate International of Raleigh NC. He is supported by a Black Belt staff of over 70 including 6 Master level instructors.

Mr. Olevsky was inducted into the Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame in 1998 and the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2001 being recognized as the Grand Master of the Year for 2001. 

To see a students eyes light up with excitement during a lesson.

Black Belts who don't put the needs of their students, first.