Adults all over Wake County are getting involved in Karate!

Martial arts classes IDEAL for Adults and offers a great way to reduce stress and get in shape.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Our classes are small, usually 8 or less in the beginner group. Our instructors have trained for many years as teachers so that they make adults feel comfortable and safe in the classes. After all, very few adults like to be a beginner at anything. We'll do our best to have you enjoy the classes and get a workout that is right for your body conditioning. Every karate class is a bit like having a personal training session.

Adult Women have found confidence in Self Defense through their martial arts training. Men enjoy the variety in their workouts that they get through martial arts training. In addition, Karate International offers weight loss benefits in a climate controlled year round indoor facility.

Karate International is a standout martial arts school. Their level of knowledge is unsurpassed. They have more high level instructors than probably any school in the region. More importantly, their family style school provides a safe, pressure-free environment to explore learning martial arts, or even helping to push you at your desired rate of advancement. They have 4 different arts at this one school, so there is something for everyone. No matter your age, physical condition, or goals, this school is a perfect fit. Their children program is excellent. The instructors for the children are the best I have ever seen and their care for each and every child. They also specialize in special needs children, which I found rare in a school of martial arts. I highly recommend them and for you to at least drop in and take a look for yourself. Their no pressure staff are always willing to answer questions and help out.


How do I get started?

We have an introductory program that consists of 3 classes and a new uniform that allows you to try out karate, and gives us the opportunity to evaluate you at the same time.

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