Families in Karate - Kick Together!

karate family classes
Family martial arts classes boost confidence, improve fitness, and cement family bonds

Karate International offers classes for all age levels and many families have found that they can all attend one fitness activity and share the special bond of a family working out together.  Our families choose from a variety of classes in our schedules to make sure they get their workouts together or in separate classes.  Some adults enjoy the atmosphere of an adult only class, while others enjoying working out at the same time as their children.  The bond of understanding the work and effort involved in achieving goals in Karate is unique for our families.

I have been doing karate at Karate International for 4 years now and I have loved every minute of it. You will find people of all ages here. They have fantastic instructors that make every class a great one. It is very family oriented and they are great with children. Karate International is my favorite place to be! If you're interested in martial arts, this is the right place!!!


We are new to karate international, but are already embraced by the students and staff as family. There is a great warm atmosphere, the staff are incredibly accommodating and professional, and seek to help each individual student grow. We could not be more thrilled with a Karate school! I would highly recommend Karate international!


We have multiple family members attending Karate International -- two children and one adult. The experience is great for all of us! The instructor encourages everyone to learn at their own pace and continue to improve. He is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. There's a terrific camaraderie among all the students as well.


I can't say enough good things about Karate International. My 7 year-old daughter took karate for a year and my husband and I are both students now. They blend many disciplines into their teaching of karate (judo, self-defense, jujitsu, etc.) and keep the classes varied, interesting and challenging, especially for a pair of 40-somethings! Also noteworthy are the black belts who regularly train there - a great group of people from all age groups who are eager to help thereby enriching the training experience. I'm routinely impressed by the ready encouragement and collegial atmosphere and would recommend it to anyone who is curious about martial arts training.


How do I get started?

We have an introductory program that consists of 3 classes and a new uniform that allows your family to try out karate, and gives us the opportunity to evaluate you at the same time.

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