Jujitsu at Karate International

Unique Jujitsu classes - Helping you strive for balance

Sensei Rob Olevsky, 6th degree Black Belt in Sanshinkai Jujitsu, is our chief instructor of the Jujitsu program at Karate International of Raleigh.


Sanshinkai Jujitsu - what makes it unique?

Sanshinkai Jujitsu, unique to Karate International schools, has many components and strives for balance in its students. A student or of Sanshinkai Jujitsu will become great at deflecting attacks as well as ground work and grappling. We use large circle and small circle grappling, throwing, pinning as well as striking an opponent. This style has components from our Karate and our Judo program integrated into the Jujitsu.

Sanshinkai Jujitsu students spend many months integrated with the "Karate" students to learn the fast footwork and stances of karate as well as the striking and blocking techniques of "Karate". In this way they are not at any disadvantage in standing position, unlike some other Jujitsu styles.

In Judo where an opponent is usually starting with or allowed to start with a lapel grip, Jujitsu students or are usually presented with a punch or kick of some type. Similarly.in Judo where the student usually moves about seeking to setup an opponent in order to throw or sweep them, Jujitsu students usually blend with the opponent while either blocking or avoiding the attack. Jujitsu students would follow up with movements to either gain advantage or control and finally subdue or finish the opponent.


How to get started with Jujitsu?

Most new Jujitsu students start by coming in to try our introductory program to give Jujitsu a try. We have a short introductory program that allows you to try out three classes before you make any decisions. We like to do a short orientation before the class, and fit new students for their uniforms. So, the first time you come, we set an appointment for 15 minutes prior to the class times above.

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