Teens in Karate

Martial arts classes IDEAL For teens are preparing to enter an adult world and to deal with adult problems

Teens are finding what they need in our Teen Karate Classes. We purposely created a special place for our teens. They do not belong in the Children's Classes. We actually have to teach our teens a whole different skill set than the children. Our teens are preparing to enter an adult world and to deal with adult problems. Many of them already deal with problems, in their school and peer environment, that are so much bigger than what their parents dealt with at their age.


In our Teen program, we talk to them like adults, but treat them as growing adolescents.

Our Teen instructors challenge these young adults in every class. It is amazing to watch how they respond to the teaching of our highest ranking instructors. The instructors have the ability to get the students to work physically hard in class, while allowing them to be social teenagers. One would think the amount of discipline in the class would chase them away, but it has the opposite affect.

The teens in our class seem to thrive on the physical challenges put in front of them in every class. We produce young adults who are confident and strong enough to be leaders and to be in command of their own decisions.

Testimonials - teens

My daughter took Karate at KI for about 2 years and she absolutely LOVED it!!! She really benefited from the structure and discipline they instill and she thoroughly enjoyed the instructors. They challenged her enough that she felt accomplished and confident in her abilities. She also made some great friends there. The only reason we aren't still there is she will be having back surgery to correct scoliosis....hopefully once she has recovered from that, we'll be back. Our experience with everyone there was exemplary! I highly recommend them, if you are looking for a great Karate school.


We LOVE Karate International! The instructors are wonderful with all the students and give them great attention. They are willing to give one-on-one instruction when needed and is very encouraging. My son has attended classes there for over four years and received his black belt earlier this year. Give it a try -- you won't be disappointed.


How to get your teen started?

We have an introductory program that consists of 3 classes and a new uniform that allows your teen to try out karate, and gives us the opportunity to evaluate him/her, at the same time.

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